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Yorik Bdgdr Janoel

FØDT: 04.07.2010


Yorik er en happy leken guttebasse med mye energi 
Han er raus med kysse og nible litt på ørene til alle han møter 



Teeth: 6+6

Patella: 0/0 (19.11.2013)

Heart: No murmur (19.11.2013)

Spine: 1 hemi nr 5 in T (chest) and 1 half/partial butterfly bone nr 3 in T, all other normal and shape of spine normal (X-ray under and side 19.11.2013)

HD: NORMAL/FREE B (L) NORMAL/FREE B (R) (right side on the upper side of B almost C on the x-ray when considering his age at tested and a very small spot of calcification at the x-ray 19.11.2013)

Weight: 15 kg

Ynnizin´s Zelia


Born: 2018-05-26
Breeder: Katarina Karlberg
Owner: Katarina Karlberg
Coat color: Brindel

Patella luxation: 0/0

Heart controll: No murmur

Show Results: Very Good

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