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Adress: Stomgården,
Skällingeby 16
43017 Skällinge

Phone: +46340-35107
Mobile: +46703-050380

Email: kattiskarlberg@hotmail.com

Mossport Muse


Born: 2016-02-17
Breeder: Lorna and David Tilley
Coat colour: Brindle


Utställning: Excellente

Patella UA
Heart UA

BPH tested approved with shot

Ponadto Fawor

Nordic Junior Winner 2010 & Nordic
Winner 2010



Born: 2009 07 26
Breeder: Anna Dominiak
Owner: Annika Krave
Height: 51 cm
Weight: -
Coat colour: particolour


HD rating: B
Tail: long


e: Ratan z Wielgowa
u: Ponadto Hreczka

Ponadto Gladysz


Born: 2006-05-05
Breeder: Anna Dominiak Polen
Owner: K. Karlberg /A. Eskilsson
Height: 51cm
Weight: --
Coat colour: particolour
Tail: naturally bob



Health: HD A ED
Eyes: clear
TgAA: negative


e. Napar Z Psiego Raju
u. Alma Nerita


Gordon is a very gentle and friendly dog.
He likes obedience and would always do their best. He is a big male, he has soft coat, but easy to groom. He is staying with a co-owner family, in the same village as us. It happens that he comes walking himself back to the farm where we live..... a wise and reallt funny dog!

Gordon is the father of 3 litters. Kennel Cedarina's B litter born in 2008, kennel Sjöhemmet's K litter also born in 2008 and to my litter with Lily in 2011 - the litter who is named after ride attractions on Liseberg (a great amusement park in Gothenburg).



Born: 2013-04-19
Breeder: -
Owner: -
Height: –
Weight: –
Coat color: Brindle

Patella: UA
Heart: UA




e: Diplomatic's Hercule De Flaury
u: Lufsenburgs Treat Me Nice

Ynnizin’s Charlotte Russé


Born: 2013-05-21
Breeder: K.Karlberg
Owner Elin Johansson
Weight: –
Coat color: Brindle
Patella: UA
Heart: UA


Results: Viltspårsprov godkänt I anlagsklass

Viltspårsprov 1a pris i öppenklass

Utställning: Excellent CK

e: Fransk Hot Dog Black-Pepper
u: Diplomatic’s Henrietta Hobart